Walking Tours

Be more than a tourist. Experience KL through the eyes of a local. Let our in-house guide lead you through the nooks and crannies of the city. Click here to find out more!

BackHome's Recommendations!

Meet Fadly

Meet Fadly and get advice on travelling within Malaysia! A total foodie and travel enthusiast, Fadly will give you the best advice on good food and travel planning.

Ramadan Bazaar Tour

Indulge in this once-in-a-year experience and let us lead you through this unique bazaar that highlights rare Malay delicacies and learn about culture and religion from our guide.

Batu Chondong Trail

Hike through the cooling bamboo forest located right outside of the city and stop by a waterfall in this moderate trail for nature lovers!

East Tabur Hiking Trail

Go on an adventure on East Tabur with us! Prepare to hike, climb and watch the beautiful sunrise. Witness a side of KL City you have never seen before.

Cooking Class

Learn about local cuisine hands-on and bring home some recipes worthy of a meal! Open your senses to Malaysian spices and go on a flavourful ride with us.

Jalan Jalan Makan Tour

Discover hidden gems within the Malay community and uncover traditional dinner favourites.


Tourism Malaysia

Visit the official website of the Malaysia Tourism Ministry to get insights into the places, experiences and events in store for you during your visit.

Pub Crawl

Visit awesome bars and end the night at one Kuala Lumpur’s many cool nightclubs! Get drunk, dance, go crazy, laugh your ass off and make new friends!