Things To Do

There are plenty of ways to soak in Kuala Lumpur’s vibrancy. Here are just a few things that you can do to be a part of the bustling city!

BackHome's Recommendations!

Old Is Gold
KL Heritage Trail

We’re surrounded by Colonial-era shophouses with their original facades left intact. BackHome has also kept its original façade, adding a little more flair to the neighbourhood.

Get A Henna Tattoo
Henna Tattooist

Henna tattoos may only be temporary, but their designs will be etched out in your memory for a long time to come. Ask our staff to point you to Henna parlors located nearby BackHome.

KL City Gallery
Visit The Website

Located right on Merdeka Square, this tourist centre details the story of Kuala Lumpur through photos, prints, miniatures and even a light show display! Take advantage of shuttles bringing you to the Botanical Gardens, as well as a free Music Museum nearby.

City Alleyways
A Guide To KL's Street Food

From 12 – 2pm, during lunch time on weekdays, the city’s narrow alleyways come alive with an abundance of food choices. Keep a lookout for bursts of creative graffiti on the walls. Check at the front desk for recommendations.

Nasi Lemak
10 Must-try Nasi Lemak In KL

Rice boiled in coconut milk, served with sambal, anchovies and an egg. Travel guides recommend it for breakfast, but we’d eat it any time of day!

Eat A Durian
Durian: Love It Or Hate It

There’s a myth that durians smell as bad as it looks. Though it’s true to a certain degree, you’d be missing out on the fleshy, creamy goodness once it’s popped into your mouth.

Graffiti Hunting
See Graffiti Malaysia Album

For the adventurous and curious traveler, a brisk walk around the streets and back-alleys of Kuala Lumpur will acquaint you with some truly inspiring graffiti street art.

Bukit Nanas Trek
About The Forest Reserve

Never thought that it’d be possible to have a jungle right in the middle of town? Blaze a trail thru one of Malaysia’s oldest forest reserves, in the heart of KL’s city center!

Drink Teh Tarik
What Is Teh Tarik?

Drinking a sweet cup of teh tarik (milk tea) may be a diabetic’s nightmare, but do take a look at how the tea is made as it gets tossed from cup to cup. Best enjoyed with a plate of Roti Canai!


Tourism Malaysia

Visit the official website of the Malaysia Tourism Ministry to get insights into the places, experiences and events in store for you during your visit.

Pub Crawl

Visit awesome bars and end the night at one Kuala Lumpur’s many cool nightclubs! Get drunk, dance, go crazy, laugh your ass off and make new friends!