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We’re committed to providing our guests with the personal attention and care that they deserve.

It’s a commitment and a promise that we’re recognized for. Get to know the great people at BackHome who keep that promise to you, every day!

What Our Team Thinks About Working At BackHome

Customer Service Manager, Since 2011

Working here has allowed me a small window to the world without having to actually travel. People from all over the world come and share a bit of who they are with you.

Housekeeper, Since 2012

I have worked in many sectors such as manufacturing, F&B and retail, prior to joining BackHome KL.  It was the first time I learnt about dormitories.   It has been a joy and I’m glad I decided to take the challenge to do something different.

Part Time, Since 2014

What I love most about BackHome KL is the atmosphere. It is not just the great team members but also the management.  Even though my English is not good, as long as I am willing to work hard and learn from my mistakes, they will allow me room to improve.

Team Member, Since 2012

I’m an architecture grad who loves backpacking and BackHome provides an amazing chance to meet people who share that passion. Everyone has a story about where they’ve been or where they’re heading to. Being a part of their stories is extremely rewarding.

Team Member, Since 2014

In 2013, after returning home from an exchange programme in the U.S., I found myself yearning to be reconnected to the cultural diversity of backpacking culture.  I joined BackHome, which provided a platform for the cultural exchange I missed so much.

Team Member, Since 2012

As a Hotel Management graduate, I felt BackHome KL was an interesting alternative to your regular hotel.  I joined as an intern and eventually full time. I’ve learnt a lot in terms of problem-solving and customer service.  I’ve never looked back since.

BackHome is Hiring!

We’re always on the lookout for fresh, energetic part-timers to join us! If you want to meet people from around the world and interact with them on a daily basis, BackHome is the place to be!

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