The (Just Like) BackHome Guarantee

We Didn’t Name Ourselves BackHome For Nothing

The (Just Like) BackHome Guarantee is our promise that your stay will receive as much care, comfort and peace as you do at home. How do we do this? By setting standards and training our team vigorously to deliver on the three core values below. If you feel that we’re not living up to our promise, let us know, and we’ll offer you a complimentary night’s stay*.

* We will offer you an additional free night on top of your booking, instead of a refund. Other Terms & Conditions apply.

Personal Attention

  • We smile, look you in the eye and actually remember your name.
  • We’ll try our best to answer all your queries. If we can’t, we’ll get back to you.
  • We give you the best advice on what to see, do and eat around the city.

A Good Night’s Rest

  • Our rooms are clean, comfortable and quiet.
  • We use premium mattresses and pillows. Our linen is laundered after every stay.
  • We vacuum our beds twice a month to ensure they are 100% hygienic.

Peace Of Mind

  • Been to a hostel and discovered it’s not as good-looking as the photos?
  • If you don’t like what you see when you arrive, we’ll not only recommend other top-rated hostels, we’ll even help you make the reservation!
Press & Awards

We’re proud to be recognised as one of Kuala Lumpur’s best hostels.