Midnight in Kuala Lumpur

For years, our team at Backhome has been telling guests that if they want to know a different side of Kuala Lumpur, especially when it comes to food, one of the best places to visit is Kampung Baru, the very last local Malay village within the city.

This weekend, our team took our own advice and headed to Kampung Baru for supper.

Why supper? Because this stall is only open after midnight, 1am to be precise.

The stall only sells one dish called Nasi Komok and despite it being only available late at night, there’s always a long queue.

So we arrived early to make sure we were the first in line.

The stall is located at a restaurant called Suraya.


The stall owner came at 1am but she needed time to prepare, so she told us to sit down and wait.

While waiting, let us explain what is Nasi Komok. It’s a type of rice that originated from Thailand. The rice colour is yellow because it is cooked in various spices that includes ginger and tumeric. It is normally served with fried chicken and sweet chili sauce.


Sure enough, a large crowd turned out just for the Nasi Komok.


Thankfully, because we turned up early, it wasn’t long before we got what we came for.


And it was well worth the time because it tasted SO GOOD!

Happy faces all around!


If you are an adventurous foodie looking for local eats that probably aren’t in popular guide books, drop by Backhome KL and join our food experience, guaranteed to keep your tummy full and happy 😀